Monday, March 1, 2010

Abe Lincoln's Hat

Abe Lincoln's hat (March 2ND)
By Martha Brenner
I like this book very much and it made me feel good reading it. It is a very quick read. One thing in the book like other books is that there were boys that were very trouble some and knocked off his hat. It was easier to read the book because it showed his personality when he reacted. This book was a good book for me because it was understandable and easy to read.

Abe Lincoln was a very forgetful person but he was a smart person so he put his things in his hat so he wouldn't forget the things he was supposed to do. Another thing was that he was a lawyer and changed to be the president of the United States o
f America. He was so well loved and smart that the people voted him to be the president.

Abe's goal was to end slavery. By winning the Civil War he solved this problem and the slaves became free. He also waned to bring back the CSA to the USA. By winning the Civil War he accomplished yet another thing. I would have changed one thing about the book it should explain more and tell us what he did when Civil War was over. I think that the author was trying to show who Abe was. The author easily made it understandable.

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