Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Absolutely Normal Chaos

Absolutely Normal Chaos
Sharon Creech

This book made me feel like it was worth it to read it. I think this was a little like a dairy because it told it from her view. This helped me understand because it showed me that it wasn't a regular book because it has a lot of personal opinion. Also it helped so I could understand her character. It was a book for me because it was exiting and not boring.

Mary Lou Finney the main character changed a lot. In the beginning it says she is like why is everyone going out with boys who are not so great, but in the end shes the one with the romance. She starts to become like this because she has crush on Alex Cheevy. Carl Ray also changed from a quite secretive person to a person he told what he was thinking. He changed after his father died. Beth Ann changed from loving this boy to hating this boy because he was dating someone else.

The main problem was that Mr. Futz died. After that the everything changed. He was the one of the main problem because after Carl Ray's father died his other father got mad at Carl Ray for caring so much of a person who abandoned Carl Ray and his mom. I would make the book longer because I loved it. The main message I think is that someone who raised you is your true parent not the person who gave you birth.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Freedom's Wings

Freedom's Wings
BY Sharon Dennis Wyeth

The book made me feel very happy for Corey's family who had escaped slavery. This book is very much like other books with escaping slavery. This helps me understand what Corey's family is going through. This book is a very good book because it is like living through it and you can just feel the excitement pop out of the book.

Corey changes greatly throughout the book. His biggest change was from a slave who was very sad turned into a free confident boy. He changed because he was free and there was no more slavery. His mother changes too. She changes because she was very afraid to run away but she gathered her courage after being treated badly and ran away.

The problem of the story was solved when Corey's family makes it to Canada and becomes freed slaves. I would change the book to make it longer and tell us what happens when they get to Canada. The author was trying to say that slavery is wrong.

Abe Lincoln's Hat

Abe Lincoln's hat (March 2ND)
By Martha Brenner
I like this book very much and it made me feel good reading it. It is a very quick read. One thing in the book like other books is that there were boys that were very trouble some and knocked off his hat. It was easier to read the book because it showed his personality when he reacted. This book was a good book for me because it was understandable and easy to read.

Abe Lincoln was a very forgetful person but he was a smart person so he put his things in his hat so he wouldn't forget the things he was supposed to do. Another thing was that he was a lawyer and changed to be the president of the United States o
f America. He was so well loved and smart that the people voted him to be the president.

Abe's goal was to end slavery. By winning the Civil War he solved this problem and the slaves became free. He also waned to bring back the CSA to the USA. By winning the Civil War he accomplished yet another thing. I would have changed one thing about the book it should explain more and tell us what he did when Civil War was over. I think that the author was trying to show who Abe was. The author easily made it understandable.